Media Training Session 

We offer customized sessions that vary in length, scope and budget depending on needs.  These are designed for the media platform involved –TV, internet, radio, print, etc … specific projects/interviews or long range potential.   Each session focuses on your content, audience and personal style.   We help you polish your messages, because sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees.  Our sessions include:

  • Full Day
  • Half day
  • Two hour sessions
  • Customized time/# of sessions to fit your needs

Additional Points 

  1. We help our clients, no matter what media platform, increase their comfort level appearing in front of any type of audience using their own style with ease.
  2. We help the client understand the dynamics of each media appearance - how the message needs to be adapted to match the moment or medium.
  3. We will reinforce basic communication techniques so he or she can develop strong messages, tell stories concisely, handle challenging questions, and control body language, voice, expressions and posture.
  4. We focus on marrying your personal style with your message or product.
  5. Finally we will teach you how to handle social media and other instant forms of communication.
  6. The client is sent all of the video (edited if you want) to practice at home with.

client Management 


  • Once you have mastered media training and are broadcast ready, the next step is to start the media career you have always dreamed about. 
  • We help our clients get started with the creation of a sizzle reel which can be shown to our long list of industry contacts. 

  • We will introduce you to bookers, producers, broadcast talent, network executives and program developers.  

  • Each client is different and we work endlessly to find the right areas and appearances to pursue.  
  • We are with our clients no matter what stage they are in with their careers and walk them through every part of the process